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Education Consultant Canada (ECC) is certified member of ICEF, one of the world’s most prestigious brands in the field of overseas education. This certification is an indicator of our emphasis on quality, ethics & transparency.

Success Stories

I would definitely recommend everyone to go with ECC

Anolita Menezes
NYIT Vancouver(B.C, Canada)

I would definitely recommend everyone to go with ECC

Vidhi Panchal
Humber College

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ecc authorised certification

Quality, Credibility, Ethical and Transparent are the adjectives that best define ECCanada, a leading education counsellor in Canada. We are proud to refer ourselves as a "Certified member of ICEF". ICEF has the most stringent selection process because of its reputation. We have placed over 5000 students across different countries into good educational institutions for varied programs. We are proud of our students and so are our students. Read Testimonials for some amazing experiences and kind words shared by our students!

Speaking of credibility, ECCanada in a brief time of being established in the field of overseas education is already officially registered under various universities and colleges across the 6 countries such as James Cook (Australia), University of Northern British Columbia (Canada), JCU (Singapore) among others. We are authorised for recruiting qualified students into these universities from India.

Lastly, ECCanada takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously.