Why Canada


Why choose Canada for your Study?

Canada known for its picturesque landscapes, maple syrup, snow-capped mountains and ice hockey! Canada is also known for world-class learning especially higher learning. Some of the universities in Canada are ranked amongst the top international rankings. By 2022 the Canadian government is strategizing to attract more than 450,000 international students. Canada is a leader in higher education, more than 50% of their adult population hold a post-secondary diploma or a degree. Students from more than 180 countries study in Canada, this statistics is indicative of how attractive the Canadian education system is. Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary house most of the international students. Students have a holistic experience in Canada both in terms of academic excellence and Culture & leisure.

What makes Canada an apt destination for education? There is a gamut of reasons why Canada is mostly the chosen destination for education.

  • The global centre of innovation, research & development: Canadian universities focus a lot on research and development. Students are encouraged in innovations, to perform intriguing experiments and in forward thinking. The bachelors and Masters program are generally by research rather than pure coursework.
  • State of art research facilities and Chosen partner for research: The Canadian universities receive huge funding for research & innovation. The international students work as research assistants alongside their coursework to gather experience and earn extra bucks. Some research projects are funded by big organisations, giving an opportunity for students to gain professional experience!
  • Effective Pedagogy and Interdisciplinary study courses: The teaching styles are on similar lines to the US. The students study independently, encourage practical learning and group studies. There is flexibility for course completion and also the choice of study is not rigid. A student can opt for one or two interdisciplinary courses to expand his skills.
  • Top postgraduate study programs and Universities in Canada: The popular study options for masters degree are Civil engineering, computer science, public health, finance, pharmacy, management studies, electrical & mechanical engineering and international relations. Top Universities in Canada include University of British Columbia, Royal Roads University, Selkirk College, George Brown College among others!
  • Language: English and French are the two spoken languages. The courses are taught in English making it easy for most international students to pursue. An added advantage of being a bilingual country is the opportunity of learning a new international language!
  • Affordable education and Scholarships: The tuition fee in Canadian universities is considerably lower than other countries like the US/ UK. Also, the Canadian Government have great scholarship programs.
  • Work opportunities and Permanent Residency: The Canadian government is strategizing to bring in more international students to Canada. The targeted intake of students will “Create at least 86,500 net new jobs for a total of 173,100 new jobs in Canada”. The international students are encouraged to work along with their studies to enable them to bag experience. The long-term benefit of studying in Canada is the accumulation of points for a PR.
  • Quality of Life: Canada is one of the most cleanest and a beautiful country in the world. It is one of the safest countries to live, with excellent, accessible and affordable healthcare.