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Education Consultants Canada (ECC) hires the best and the brightest from the field of counselling and its associated branches to bring world-class services to you. As the backbone of our network, our counselors bring skills and expertise that are critical to everything we do.


  • Offers a friendly work environment that promotes constant learning and professional growth.

  • Our team receives hands on training in the latest techniques and technology, as well as industry best practices.

  • Associates & interns receive valuable mentoring from seniors, for continued learning and professional growth.


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Educating is the noblest profession of all!

When it comes to educating and guidance we select the creme talents from the counselling and its associated branches, because counsellors are the backbone of our organisation. They bring their class expertise and credentials, which are pivotal for our functioning. So if you have the desired skills, then contact the leading Global educational consultant; Education Consultants Canada (ECC).

Our value proposition to the students is credible counsellors and the value proposition for "joining aboard with us" is a friendly work environment, with constant growth and learning.


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