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Studying abroad could be nerve-racking yet a pleasurable experience. Choose wisely and choose right! Collaborate and celebrate with Education Consultants Canada (ECC) and pave the way to a life where there is no looking back!

Studying abroad has its perks and risks, but with Education Consultants Canada (ECC) on board, one can sail the ship smoothly!

Education Consultants Canada (ECC) caters to an umbrella of study programs from Masters, Bachelors programs to Diploma, Post-Graduate Certificate, College Certificate, and Transfer programs.

Over the past years, education has undergone a massive change in terms of its pedagogy and in terms of the choices of study. The versatility Education Consultants Canada (ECC) offers, is not just with the program formats but with the choice in the field of study too. We cover a broad spectrum of courses from Technology, Arts, Sciences, Health Studies, Law, Media, Hospitality, Trades, and Business.

Established in 2007 by a Canadian research assistant, Abhay Kumar Rai (Space Engineering & Instrumentation), a full-fledged academician & an educator himself, understands the unique need of every international student. Hence, backed by his sophisticated knowledge & experienced counselors, Education Consultants Canada (ECC) thrives as a renowned, reliable, and professionally managed education consultant with the largest network of direct representations with over 60 state-of-the-art colleges & universities in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

Supported by experienced counselors, technology, & modern logistics, Education Consultants Canada (ECC) promises to deliver long-lasting, relationships. With a team of counselors across all specialties, Education Consultants Canada, (ECC) can address every aspect of higher education opportunity in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. From complimentary counseling, to support students with their entire application process, help in guiding to arrive in a decision about their choice of education, scholarships while studying abroad, university selection, study permit, visa application & pre-departure services (accommodation, flight tickets, etc.), Education Consultants Canada(ECC) can meet every pre-requisite of overseas education need that a prospective student might have.


Reaching out to virgin markets, to promote overseas education by working as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements thus helping students to choose the right career path.



To be recognized as one of the most reliable names in promoting overseas education globally, and therefore exploring and expanding market opportunities, resulting to provide the highest quality of information, support and services to the students, keeping in sync with ethics, values and integrity.

Management Team


Sanchari Sen Rai

CEO & Co-founder

A professional turned entrepreneur, Sanchari brings over 15 years of experience in client servicing, Operations & Marketing in diversified industries ranging from hospitality to financial & Retail.

Ms Sanchari is the founding chief executive officer for EDUCATION CONSULTANTS CANADA(ECC). Ms. Sanchari has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality.


Abhay Rai


A Research Assistant turned entrepreneur! With a Phd in process, Abhay is an alumni of UCL (London) with Master degree in Engineering. He brings along with him over 15 years of experience, 11 years being exclusively on student counselling.

A passionate mind brimming with start-up business ideas, also a people manager and a motivator, he has consistently managed to get more from less!

Regional Team

ECC Dubai


Antara Sen Choudhury

A graduate with 15+ years of experience in the education industry. Antara is based out of Dubai and represents ECC in the Middle East region. She handles both the education and immigration-related queries from students and partners.

ECC Canada


Mounika Reddy Ravula

A Business Graduate from Durham College plays a vital role as Senior Manager, Strategic Development, and Partnerships.

Mounika is responsible for expansion strategies and implementation plans. She also works on ECC business process enhancement and manages ECC offices across the globe. She is the one point of contact for all business and partnership-related queries.


Toranie Bissondyal

A graduate from Humber College who performs as the Marketing Lead recruiting students for North American Universities and Colleges.

At Education Consultant Canada (ECC) Toranie is responsible for implementing marketing campaigns while working on the development of recruitment from Latin America and the Caribbean market. She is also the point of contact for students and associates from the said regions.


Michael Wijaya

Michael is a Biotechnologist from Indonesia who wants to broaden his business knowledge through his enrollment in the Global Business Management (GBM) post-graduate program at Humber College.

At Education Consultants Canada (ECC), Michael assists in the development of recruitment from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian markets. With experience as an international student in Canada, he guides international students to successfully transition in Canada and uses his local knowledge to create a mutually beneficial partnership with local education agents or educational institutions in Indonesia.


Medha Kisto

With an impressive credential from the University of Mauritius, Medha majored in Labour Economics and International Economics. Her continuous exposure in the research field encourages her to learn more about market research techniques.

At Education Consultants Canada (ECC), Medha focuses on doing research and implementing her findings to improve ECC operations and services. She also creates visualizations and builds dashboards in Tableau to uncover trends, patterns, and insights in business data.

ECC Philippines


Flocerfida “Nene” Miranda

A graduate in Commerce with 34 years of experience in servicing manpower needs of overseas clients and 14 years in partnership with Canadian employers.

She is also the administrator of a private school (Pre-school to K12) for 12 years in the Philippines.

At ECC Nene works as the Director for Business Development in Philippines.


Maria Ana B. Barker

A professional with 15 years of experience as a Business Unit Manager and 6 years experience as a Hotel Operations Manager in Japan.

She has been an active participant in non-profit organizations for over 10 years.

At ECC Ana works as the Director for Marketing in the Philippines.


Eva Nadja Castaneda

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with 22 years of expertise in the education industry now performs as the Business Development Manager for the Philippines.

Eva is responsible for assisting students and associates from the Philippines.

ECC Vietnam


Trang Nguyen

A professional with 10 years of experience as a Country Manager and School Representative in Vietnam, recruiting students for North American, Australian, NZ, UK, and Singapore institutions.

At ECC Trang works as the Business Development Manager for Vietnam and being in charge of supporting students and associates from the region.

ECC India



Sandeep Singh

A graduate in Business Management with 15 years of experience in ITES now performs as the Regional Business Development Manager for India.

Sandeep comes with a strong foothold in People Management, Client Management, Training, and Qualify Assurance. He is responsible for business development, student counseling, and overall operations for the Indian market.


Gurpreet Kaur

A graduate in Commerce with 3 years of experience in the Education Industry performs as a Client Support Assistant at ECC India-Head Office located in Jamshedpur.

Gurpreet comes with a strong holding in Customer Management. She is responsible for assisting students and associates from the North and Western Regions of India.


Mili Chakraborty

Mili comes with 4 years of sales experience and She is the point of contact for students and associates from the Western regions of India.


Ratan Prasad Labh

A graduate from NIIT and GNIIT with 18 years of experience and expertise in IT provides technical assistance to ECC.

Ratan assists with all of the technical/IT needs at ECC including website maintenance and other aspects.


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