Message from CEO (Sanchari Sen Rai)

Greetings from Education Consultants Canada (ECC) !

By way of introduction, I am the CEO & Co-founder of Education Consultants Canada (ECC) providing services to match students from all over South Asian, Middle East, North & South America and Eastern European Countries to academic institutions primarily in North America for Under Graduate & Post Graduate programs.

We have helped over ten thousand students and counting to find their best-matched academic institutions in North America.

We would love to explore the options of how Education Consultants Canada (ECC) can provide benefits to your educational institution. We represent over 50 academic institutions.

If you would be interested in discussing cooperation in some fashion, please do not hesitate to call me or send me an email (
I look forward to hearing back.

Sanchari Sen Rai

CEO & Co-founder


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