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To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university, course & its educational opportunities Education Consultants Canada (ECC) conduct a comprehensive profiling exercise. We assign an expert &a highly professional admission counsellor who has in-depth knowledge of each student. Based on student’s academic qualifications, career goals, interest’s, financial status and work experience, our counsellors with their Valuable student counseling will help students choose the right course& University Selection that addresses aspirations and goals.


Standardised tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT) are reviewed by our expert admission counsellors. They guide students & provide special coaching to help meet the basic criteria & scores that universities will be looking for as well as the scores that a student should be aiming for in order to target an institution. If any of the required standardized tests are not taken, our admission counsellor will help book it for you.



At times selecting the right university & program can be strenuous and confusing. Students often find this difficult and end up making the wrong choice. Our well-qualified counsellors are available here to help in selecting the right institution as well as the right program that will boost career prospects by shortlisting several appropriate universities & programs after analyzing the student profile. The student’s choice and career objective will be completely taken into consideration before we advise you. You can then discuss the shortlisted universities with your family and friends before finalising. Universities offer wide variety of programs ranging from undergraduate programs to graduate programs (master’s degrees and diplomas). Students can choose various programs from a range of reputable academic institutions consisting of 1,000 to 60,000 students.


All universities have strict application deadlines. It is imperative that the applications are reviewed by our professionals to ensure all details are accurate before submission. We recommend students who would like to study abroad to apply well in advance, giving enough time to fulfill other formalities like visa, arranging accommodation and so on.



The academic institutions that ECC represents offer “pathway programs” in Business, Humanities, Science and Engineering to students worldwide who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level to enhance their skills and contribute towards a growing global economy. The programs are developed in these universities, and are quality assured by them. The entry criteria for each university varies. The better you perform, the greater your chances of getting a place at your preferred university.


Applying for visa is one of the most critical aspects of preparation to overseas studies. It can also be one of the most daunting tasks if not received proper guidance. Submitting the right documents is the first step towards ensuring that your student visa is approved. If one or more documents is not in order, your visa application may be rejected leading to a delay.
Our team of experienced counsellors have expertise across all countries and can guide and support through the complex maze of preparing and submitting the student’s visa application.
Once everything is finalized our team carefully review the documents & will provide comprehensive advice & if required ask for more relevant documentation that you need to submit along with the application.
Contact inquiries@eccanada.com now for further information.



We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions for overseas students post completion of their program. With our associates who have a database of trained and experienced professionals, we can successfully meet the diverse needs of different candidates.
At ECC, several opportunities are provided for new graduates to be hired as interns or even full-time employees. We are always looking out for fresh graduates with aspiring new ideas to join our team.



    Education Consultants Canada (ECC) can help students identify the right bank which can give them the best services and benefits. Our counsellors can guide the students on different options available.

  • Travel & Insurance

    Through our partnerships with leading service providers, we can take care of all your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance. Our executives are happy to give information and assistance on the same.

  • Temporary accommodation

    We provide basic and necessary pre departure briefings with guidelines on whom to contact, where to stay and insights that we think will help them in settling down in the country from climatic conditions, clothing to booking flights, from foreign exchange to arranging accommodations!

  • Telecom Services

    Conscious of a student’s limited budget, we offer solutions that are both affordable and efficient both for arrival and post-arrival. Our service providers provide SIM cards ensuring you are instantly connected with your family and friends once abroad.

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